Dispute between a landlord and a letting agent

Our clients let a flat on a full management basis with a supposedly reputable firm of letting agents. Six months later they had not received any rent. We issued proceedings seeking recovery of all the outstanding rent, plus interest and costs. After judgment was obtained High Court Enforcement Officers were instructed to attend at the offices of the letting agent and a full recovery of all the outstanding sums was obtained.


Dispute between a landlord and a flat owner

Acting on behalf of a landlord of a luxury block of flats in central London, one flat owner had allowed a substantial amount of rent and service charges to accumulate. We issued proceedings and obtained judgment. After defeating two applications to set the judgment aside we recovered full payment, after starting further proceedings to forfeit the lease.


Possession actions on behalf of landlords

We have advised many landlords on their claims for possession under assured shorthold tenancies. Some landlords have been faced with tenants who have refused to pay rent, or have breached other terms of their tenancy agreements. Other landlords have simply wanted to bring the tenancy agreement to an end. In both scenarios we have carefully prepared the relevant notices and ensured that the appropriate evidence is presented to the court with the result that the necessary orders for possession have been obtained.


Dispute between freeholder and 17 management companies

A freeholder issued rent and service charge claims against 17 management companies. The problem arose when the developments were constructed as there were discrepancies between the Agreement for Headlease and the executed Headlease in all cases. Acting on behalf of the 17 management companies, we sought rectification of the necessary documents to ensure that the discrepancies were resolved. An acceptable settlement was reached before substantial litigation costs had been incurred.