Why use a Commercial Property Litigation Specialist?

We provide landlord and tenant property litigation services to property investment companies, private landlords, commercial tenants and other firms of solicitors who do not have property litigation expertise. 

There are a number of crucial differences between us and solicitors who mainly work on non-contentious property matters and we have listed some of the key benefits below. 


Winning Strategy

The price of failure in a commercial property dispute is high and you need a win strategy that delivers results in the quickest and most cost effective manner. 

We have a track record of success and our experience and specialist knowledge brings commercial clarity to complex legal issues. 



Commercial advantage often lies in the fine detail of property negotiation and our strategic insight can highlight opportunities that others may miss.

Our expertise has enabled a number of our clients to substantially increase the value and yield of their property holdings through the application of carefully constructed legal positions.      


Tactical Awareness

Commercial property disputes involve much more than the simple application of legal process, so tactical experience is essential to build momentum and gain advantage.

We can provide you with an accurate assessment of any potential action enabling you to make the appropriate commercial decisions.



  • I have enjoyed working with Cowells because yours is one of the few firms I have worked with to take a truly commercial approach to resolving issues. I find most other firms trot out the legal facts and leave me to work out the options and then make a decision. Cowells gives me the facts but helps me understand the options and then guides me to a conclusion with which I am comfortable.

  • I have worked with Rex for many years in the field of property litigation. Rex is a first class solicitor, with long experience and expertise in property litigation. I have always been happy to work with Rex. He combines efficiency with a sound grasp of property law and an understanding of how to conduct litigation in order to achieve the best commercial result for the client.

  • Our Group look to employ niche specialists to act for us in all of our outsourced professional service work and we use Rex Cowell Solicitors for our property litigation. We have built up a strong relationship with Rex over many years and I like the way Rex engages with me as his client, taking onboard my views and our aims and intentions at the start of any action and keeping us fully updated throughout the case. Unlike some litigation lawyers Rex understands that sometimes two heads are better than one and that experienced client input, especially on the practical details, is very important to running a successful case. Procedurally Rex is better than anyone else that I know, and when discussing any new case with him I always need his early advice on the costs and timing implications of any action and can always rely on Rex to provide me with his honest and accurate opinion to enable me to make appropriate commercial decisions. His advice is always considered and straightforward and tempered by the practicalities of the situation whilst designed to get to the desired result in the simplest and most cost effective way. Professional respect has to be earned and although I do not recommend many professionals I am very happy to endorse Rex Cowell Solicitors.

  • Cowells Solicitors have acted for this company for over ten years, and I have nothing but praise for the firm. Any litigation work of a property nature will now go straight to Cowells as the track record is second to none, and more importantly the senior partner ensures all matters are dealt with on a personal level. The firm has advised and received instruction from this company on many issues, such as instructing counsel, lease negotiation, and many smaller matters that still need the sound advice and work of a litigation specialist. As a property company with such interests as acquisition and disposal of freeholds, negotiation of leases, corporate landlord and tenant disputes etc. Cowells have proved themselves over the years to be reliable, professional and discreet.

  • I wanted to express my gratitude for your terrier-like persistence; I am well aware that without you this deal would either have collapsed or else the landlords may have manoeuvred us out of the property deliberately. So many thanks for all your advice and hard work.


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